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Frank, Stop Staring Please

Written on the back of a paper plate.

Frank, Stop Staring Please

After drinks, Frank O’Hara starts to look kind of creepy–
staring from the cover of a book of collected poetry, in
black-and-white and green-and-black frowning.

Especially when seated on the shelf next to the toilet
Frank, looking, why?
You want more privacy when you are drunk.

Stop staring!
I stayed in Boston! I will write on the backs of paper plates!
I will write at a cold iron coffee table at Cardullo’s
in Harvard Square, I will make them famous
I will start the Boston School

And all my friends will go to the school.

Let’s high-five, let’s move to New York. Let’s move to Brooklyn.
Let’s not, let’s stay, screw Brooklyn, pastrami sandwich.
Just do not stare, master poet.
Down feather.

Let me sit in decided peace.



I just realized how suggestive the full title of my blog is. Try to ignore it. If you must think about it, please accept that it is hilarious.

Doritos are addictive. Seriously. A bag of Doritos, while overly processed, too fatty, too salty, and generally one of the least healthy things (blah blah blah who cares) you can put in your mouth, will perish before me (much to the later regret of my digestive tract). That said, it is a simple pleasure to snack on refrigerated Doritos during lunch in the summer, as I found out today when I put my paper bag–sandwiches, Doritos, computer cables and all–in the fridge at work. I’m thinking their insanely high sugar content reminds me of spicy ice cream.

Other things I found during my lunch break today:

A new website: Stuck In London. One of the few sites I’ve found with good information on day-to-day living costs in London, written by a Canadian immigrant and aimed directly at broke college/graduate students. Most of the information in here is already thoughtfully provided by the UNH London Program’s informational packets, but it has a nice, up-to-date price guide on things like groceries, attractions, and the pub. And a picture map, which might come in handy.

New one for the links!