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Film Fest Poster Numero Due

First draft of another poster for the SCAN film festival.


Film Fest Poster Numero Uno

I posted a draft of this earlier, but I thought I should put up the final.

To Alan Hurst

Written early on this semester.

To Alan Hurst

There are these feathers.
Tiny, white, down feathers,
that I often see floating around my head
as from nowhere.

My professor,
a gray old Englishman with a hound’s jowls,
stopped me as I began reading aloud
a poem by Ginsberg. “Don’t forget,”
he said, absently wiping a tear from his cheek,
(from his old, leaky eye)
“to read the title. The title is a part of the poem.”

One day he said,
“I love Frank O’Hara.
He is my favorite poet.”
He told us how Frank O’Hara would scribble his poems
during lunch hour, on a napkin
or the back of a menu.

I wish a dash of inspiration would come to me
sometime over a mugful of soup:
or as I observe these little white down feathers.
I wish those feathers were inspiration.
I could inhale one and cough out a title,
a downy puff of cleverness, a wet
ink stain
on the page, from my lungs to your eyes.
Alan would say: “Check!”

I could read the title along with the poem,
Then read the rest aloud.

SCAN Black Pepper series

Here are some newspaper ads I made for the student cable access network here at UNH!

The biggest one, half-page. Kind of looks like a PostSecret.

The smallest. Business card sized.

In the middle, quarter-page-size.