Monthly Archives: February 2010

You, Sleeping

My first poem on the blog! You might want to read the post before this (“The Return”) for an update on the blog itself.

You, Sleeping

I am awake
in bed
at three in the morning;
I can see the two of you
stretched along the opposite wall;

Just together.
You, David, are holding
the other with an arm
across her chest
while you,
sink against the wall,
your feet drawn up,

slipping, slipping,
out from the covers.
You’re holding onto
his arm.

Two life-blossoms
in cold moonlight.


The Return

Hi everyone! Namely, myself. Since no one checks this blog anymore, which I understand, as I have stopped updating it.


I decided a while ago I should put some of my writing up here so friends and family, those who also write and those who don’t, can stay current on my work and also keep in touch (for those of you in different states of the union) through the comment board. I like this better than posting on Goodreads–it’s easier to index everything.

So, from now until I change my mind again, I will use this blog mainly as a place to display and discuss my writing and other creative things. Personal information (besides being pretty boring) is incidental.