Great news today! The staff of my dorm, Reid Hall, left bags of duvets and pillows sitting around the main desk while emptying out a storage room. My bed is now comfortable.





(edit, two hours later) I walked into my room and my roommate pointed to his bed, proudly shouting, “Four duvets! I am now sleeping like a king!” So I grabbed another bag of comforters. Truly, we are sleeping on the beds of royalty. The colors clash like it’s their destiny, but at least now my top comforter matches the curtains. And ah! the four-layered comfort supreme!

What an eventful weekend. During my tour of the Roman baths on Saturday, I was struck by the smoothness and warmth of the ruins, the longevity of  life I felt underneath everything around me. Looking into the frigidarium, I saw more coins than I’ve ever seen in a fountain before, like I could jump in and grab an armful rich enough to fund the rest of my semester. Later on, I stopped at a small café and bought my first proper Cornish pasty. Lots of butter, lots of potatoes, lots of unidentifiable, slightly spongy meat. Delicious at the time and very filling, but I don’t think I’ll be having another very soon, unless I’m very strapped for cash.

So, like, tomorrow.

The short: it was a great trip, in spite of the three-hour bus ride there and four-hour bus ride back.

Unfortunately, my camera had only enough battery for one picture.

Unfortunately, my camera had only enough battery for one picture.

On Monday, during art class, I learned the nuts and bolts of sketching (finally) at the British Museum. Afterward a couple of us went on a little tour of the Egyptian/Mesoptamian exhibits. Here’s a little gallery of a sketch and the walk we took…

Please excuse the first three. I could not figure out how to exclude them from the gallery. I’ll have to try later when I’m not falling asleep.

Tuesday and Wednesday were sort of a wash, besides the very exciting (and overly complicated) booking of plane tickets on Ryanair.com. Oh? I didn’t tell you–

I’m spending a week in Ireland next month! Backpacking the Cliffs of Moher, and then exploring around wherever the wind takes us. Well, sort of.

Not much else new, that I can remember. Tuckered out. Tried some new candy bars. Should have those up soon.

Time for bed! Yeah!



One response to “TAKING A BATH

  1. pics are great..i’m getting very envious about ireland .AND ..what the hell r u doing for studies be sides art class?? r u taking baths regularly../non turkish..nice bedding ..comfy..how’s your roomate

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