Welcome to the blog.

It is called the stolens trap, which is a play on words.

This is my new travel blog, designed to keep my thoughts and happenings during my semester abroad in a nice, pretty place, for myself and for everyone who wants to know how I’m doing. I figure it’s a good way to not stagnate when it comes to writing, and it beats a hasty account of the week on Skype (which I will be using during the semester, loved ones, don’t worry).

But enough about the WHY; let me give you a little tour.

This column will hold all my most recent entries. If you look to your right, there is a small description of the blog with a rather dashing photo of myself, followed by a list of links that interest me and that will probably keep me occupied during my free time in front of the computer. I went a little link crazy but I like them all.

Under that, you will find some archives for when this blog gets big enough to archive itself, and a list of recent comments. Also, some things that probably aren’t important to you.

I coordinated the colors myself and made the header to the blog in Photoshop, and I am very proud of all of it.

ok, that’s all. See you soon.



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