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I just realized how suggestive the full title of my blog is. Try to ignore it. If you must think about it, please accept that it is hilarious.

Doritos are addictive. Seriously. A bag of Doritos, while overly processed, too fatty, too salty, and generally one of the least healthy things (blah blah blah who cares) you can put in your mouth, will perish before me (much to the later regret of my digestive tract). That said, it is a simple pleasure to snack on refrigerated Doritos during lunch in the summer, as I found out today when I put my paper bag–sandwiches, Doritos, computer cables and all–in the fridge at work. I’m thinking their insanely high sugar content reminds me of spicy ice cream.

Other things I found during my lunch break today:

A new website: Stuck In London. One of the few sites I’ve found with good information on day-to-day living costs in London, written by a Canadian immigrant and aimed directly at broke college/graduate students. Most of the information in here is already thoughtfully provided by the UNH London Program’s informational packets, but it has a nice, up-to-date price guide on things like groceries, attractions, and the pub. And a picture map, which might come in handy.

New one for the links!




For those of you who are following the progress of KiNK, yesterday we re-shot a scene starring Ryan Salvato and myself. Actually, I think this particular scene holds the record for re-shoots in this movie; yesterday evening marks the fourth time we’ve redone the scene.

As a long, single-take scene and one of only two that takes place outdoors, it’s the most technically troublesome of the movie (which gives you an idea of our incredible micro-budget), so it’s not really a surprise that we had to redo it four times, but still. It must have been one of the hottest days of the year, and here Ryan and I are, in sweatshirts and fleecy jackets, doing take after take of this scene, walking up and down the sidewalk next to the Mills at UNH. Not to mention that the humid odor of cow manure was wafting particularly strong from the farm that day.

One-and-a-half hours and two soggy-bottomed actors later, we were done. I blasted Radiohead on the way home before taking perhaps the coldest shower of my life.

I felt pretty good about the whole shoot, though, and I think it’s the best one yet. Luckily, I’m pretty sure it’s the one we’re going to use. If it’s not, I’m probably going to downsize the director’s face with a shovel.

Also, don’t think that no one had fun. It was a blast. I had forgotten just how much fun it is to get together with the guys and film stuff, as a matter of fact, and it was just the kind of day I needed to pick up an August that was beginning to drag.

Finally, just to make this post somewhat relevant to the rest of the blog, I carried my fully loaded pack around campus today, and boy is that thing comfortable. No problems there. I love that bag.



Hey folks,

I changed the appearance again. Hours of work, gone in favor of something ultimately much better… ah, such is art. I think this one is much more readable and definitely simpler.

I know that only about four people have seen the blog so far,

but I felt it was a good idea to let you know so no one gets confused when they read my earlier post about the former layout and name of the blog (the stolens trap), which appeared in the design of a previous header.

Special thanks to David Troupes, writer and creator of Buttercup Festival for the wonderful image I’m using as my new header. (David, if you need me to remove the image or change it at all please let me know and I’ll gladly oblige)



A little over $1,500 seems like a small amount to take to London, considering what everyone has been telling me ( “London is so expensive,”

“I starved my last couple of weeks,”

“Kyle blew like five thousand dollars on his trip”

“I would look at my bank account and cry” ),

so I’ve been trying to think of ways to supplement my part-time income. For example: my want ad on craigslist. it also occurred to me that I am very good at fixing computers–

or at least reasonably good. So there’s another service. Also, eBay and selling used books.

It just seems so difficult to return from a semester in London without a tremendous amount of credit card debt. I mean, I could busk on the street if I knew an instrument, but I’m just so lazy. If only pretty pictures were an instrument. Or I could set up a boombox on the sidewalk and pretend to play something (THIS IS AN EXCELLENT IDEA).

But what it really comes down to is being as frugal as I would if I were here and poor. So I figure I should make a plan, unlike most times when, I have recently realized, I have a tendency to wing it (in fact, sticking to rigid plans doesn’t usually work for me. I usually end up with indigestion):

1. stay in-country. Most people I’ve spoken to have inadvertently (or perhaps intentionally) blown most of their money on trips out of the country. While it makes sense to spend a lot on something you don’t think you’ll ever get a chance to do again, I do need to keep myself fed on the weekends. I figure: the UK is a beautiful country, filled with enough places to explore that I can really get a good trip in without having to fly to Munich for Oktoberfest. Besides, I have this travel bug, see, and I suspect this won’t be my only time seeing the world.

2. nick food from the dining hall if at all possible (is he joking, is he joking?)

3. do all my laundry by hand: not as hard as you would imagine, and actually sort of fun. Let’s just hope there’s a heater in my room to dry the clothes.

4. ferret out all the last-minute deals, freebies, and cheap entertainment I can get a hand on.

5. when bad comes to worse, write about how depressed I am sitting in a dorm room while the rest of the crew is out seeing Rome or Amsterdam, then realize I can go see an ancient Anlgo-Saxon battlefield that no one visits for the cost of a cheap bus fare, and feel better.

6. come to think of it, take advantage of Amsterdam during the ten-hour layover I have there during my flight home in December.

But while this plan has its merits, I would still like to splurge on stuff once in a while. So if anyone needs their lawn mowed, or a computer problem fixed, or a wall painted, or any conceivably valuable service performed…



Welcome to the blog.

It is called the stolens trap, which is a play on words.

This is my new travel blog, designed to keep my thoughts and happenings during my semester abroad in a nice, pretty place, for myself and for everyone who wants to know how I’m doing. I figure it’s a good way to not stagnate when it comes to writing, and it beats a hasty account of the week on Skype (which I will be using during the semester, loved ones, don’t worry).

But enough about the WHY; let me give you a little tour.

This column will hold all my most recent entries. If you look to your right, there is a small description of the blog with a rather dashing photo of myself, followed by a list of links that interest me and that will probably keep me occupied during my free time in front of the computer. I went a little link crazy but I like them all.

Under that, you will find some archives for when this blog gets big enough to archive itself, and a list of recent comments. Also, some things that probably aren’t important to you.

I coordinated the colors myself and made the header to the blog in Photoshop, and I am very proud of all of it.

ok, that’s all. See you soon.



Today I finished polishing up the appearance. Damn thing
took me

So here’s the blog. Stay tuned, cats.